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Hank Speaks: How I Edit

(Crossposted to Byzantium’s Shores) A fellow writer asked, via Instagram, how I go about editing as a writer who generally doesn’t outline at all. Generally speaking, my Inner Editor acts in different ways at different points in the process. Because … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

(crossposted from Byzantium’s Shores) Yes, today is Pi Day! I don’t usually do much to observe Pi Day, but this year’s is a special edition, since this is the only year in this century when the digits will line up … Continue reading

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Writing Outside the Lines: on outlines

(Crossposted to Byzantium’s Shores) New writer acquaintance Briana Morgan has a nice post up about the evils* of outlining: When I started using them [outlines], I felt trapped, bogged down, and nothing like myself. My whole process felt constrained. I … Continue reading

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