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My 2016 Goals!!!

If you’re wondering how 2015 went for me, I have a rundown over on Byzantium’s Shores. By way of writing specifically, I had a good year as well: I released The Wisdomfold Path, I finished the first draft of Forgotten … Continue reading

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“Shiny in the Black”: A FIREFLY Christmas

I wrote this story, a rare foray into fan-fiction, a few years ago and I’ve been reposting it on Byzantium’s Shores every year since. This year, I thought I’d bring it over here. This is what I imagine a Very … Continue reading

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When the Muse Taunts Me

(The following is a repost of something I originally posted to Byzantium’s Shores a few years ago. It remains a relatively accurate portrayal of my relationship with The Muse.) The Muse is a fairly capricious being. When we think of … Continue reading

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Your First Draft is NOT Crap!!!

There seems to be a common school of thought among writers, at least so far as I’ve seen, that holds that your first draft of anything – story, novel, poem, whatever – is always bad. But I gotta be honest here, … Continue reading

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A Brief Trip Around Writing Blogistan

Here are some things that I’ve seen around the neighborhood of the Blogistan Writing Community: Briana Morgan released her first book, Blood and Water, a month or two back (I read several chapters of it in draft, and if the final … Continue reading

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No updates in a few weeks! But it’s been a really busy month. Here are some notes on recent antics in my world: Remember, THE WISDOMFOLD PATH is out! I haven’t finished the Nook formatting yet, but I hope to have … Continue reading

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