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Updates and a Quick Trip around the Writerverse

Time to bring you up to speed on my progress, and highlight some other writers’ goings-on! One: I wanted to publish GhostCop in July, but I’m pushing that to September because I’ve been mulling things over and I realize that I … Continue reading

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What happens when you’re done?

So what do you do when you finish writing a novel? What happens after you publish it? I can’t speak for every writer out there, but for me, the answer is clear: I start the next one. There was a … Continue reading

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Well, I got busy and then I got the flu and then…yada yada yada, I guess. However, if you recall, last month was “AuthorLifeMonth” on Instagram, so here are the rest of my entries! Day 12 was “Killed Darlings”. “Kill … Continue reading

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On “Forcing It”

I’m a firm believer in writing every day, even on the days when the mere thought of sitting down at the computer to write makes me want to stick my head in an oven. There are times when we just … Continue reading

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