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AMONGST THE STARS, chapter two

Did you read Chapter One? If not, you’d better! (Come to that, did you read STARDANCER and THE WISDOMFOLD PATH? Because if not, well, come on, folks!) Chapter Two below the fold! Share This Post

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AMONGST THE STARS, chapter one

(Here is the text of Chapter One of AMONGST THE STARS! Enjoy, folks!) Share This Post

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It’s here! At long, long last, it’s here: the cover for Amongst the Stars, otherwise known as The Song of Forgotten Stars, book III. Here is the back cover copy: If that’s hard to read, never fear: Penda Rasharri has … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I’ve gone close to four months without posting here. The time has not been wasted, folks — but I have really fallen behind on some things. BUT, I am indeed making progress! The long-promised Amongst the Stars … Continue reading

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SHINY IN THE BLACK: a FIREFLY Christmas! (annual repost)

I wrote this story, a rare foray into fan-fiction, a few years ago and I’ve been reposting it ever since, first on Byzantium’s Shores and now here — and for this year, over on Wattpad! This is what I imagine … Continue reading

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[tap tap tap] Is this thing still on?

So, almost two months without an update? Yeesh, that’s terrible. November was…not good, folks. Not good at all. At least it was terrible as far as my writing goes; on the personal front, things are fine. But November was easily … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news, and NaNo News

It’s a mixed bag today, folks! First: STARDANCER received a really nice review from the book blog Tea and Titles. Check it out: Four Things I Loved About STARDANCER! The world is Stardancer is hugely detailed, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. … Continue reading

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It’s NaNoWriMo time!

via GIPHY Yes, that’s right: NaNoWriMo (National Novel-Writing Month) is just around the corner! It’s that wonderful time of year when thousands of writers around the world spend their Novembers chasing the goal of averaging 1,667 words a day. I will … Continue reading

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Plotting? Never! (And other stuff)

Hey there, folks! Time for a few thoughts on…stuff. (Wow, I is articulate.) :: In the current WIP, I have reached what I think is roughly the halfway point. I hope so, anyway — I would really like to be … Continue reading

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Taking Stock: August 2016

So August is done and September is here! So where am I, especially in light of the goals I’ve espoused for the next chunk of time? Well, in August I wrote 32,474 words for an average output of 1047 words … Continue reading

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