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THE WEST WING and storytelling in miniature

Greetings, Programs! Back in the day, The West Wing was one of my favorite shows. I don’t think it’s aged as well as many, and I’ve found that I have issues with Aaron Sorkin over the years, but still–when the show … Continue reading

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Of NaNoWriMo, and other delights

Goodness, I’ve really let this site go fallow, haven’t I? Over three months of radio silence here. That’s not because of any bad developments or anything like that; just that I’ve been plugging along with writing and not really saying … Continue reading

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AMONGST THE STARS, chapter three

And here we are with the final of the teaser chapters for Amongst the Stars! The book launches on May 25, in paperback first and then with the ebook to come a few weeks later. Here, the plot starts to thicken…. … Continue reading

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AMONGST THE STARS, chapter one

(Here is the text of Chapter One of AMONGST THE STARS! Enjoy, folks!) Share This Post

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SHINY IN THE BLACK: a FIREFLY Christmas! (annual repost)

I wrote this story, a rare foray into fan-fiction, a few years ago and I’ve been reposting it ever since, first on Byzantium’s Shores and now here — and for this year, over on Wattpad! This is what I imagine … Continue reading

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[tap tap tap] Is this thing still on?

So, almost two months without an update? Yeesh, that’s terrible. November was…not good, folks. Not good at all. At least it was terrible as far as my writing goes; on the personal front, things are fine. But November was easily … Continue reading

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Hey everybody! For one week only, you can get both FORGOTTEN STARS e-books on Kindle for just $.99 each! Two fantastic* space opera novels for the grand total of $1.98! Spaceships! Princesses! Ancient galactic empires! Lost planets! Mysteries! Action! Giant … Continue reading

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New Book! (not by me, but really good!)

  I was fortunate enough, as a perk for having backed her Kickstarter campaign, to get a preview copy of The Island by S. Usher Evans a few months ago, and I loved it! (Here’s my Goodreads review.) It’s a terrific … Continue reading

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On Character: Groot and Lying Cat

One of the most important traits in any character is their voice: how they speak, what kinds of things they say, what phrases they like to repeat, and so on. In my Forgotten Stars books, Lieutenant Rasharri has a number … Continue reading

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Updates and a Quick Trip around the Writerverse

Time to bring you up to speed on my progress, and highlight some other writers’ goings-on! One: I wanted to publish GhostCop in July, but I’m pushing that to September because I’ve been mulling things over and I realize that I … Continue reading

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