Links and Fun Stuff

Here is some linkage to sites I like and/or use a lot, roughly grouped into an oddball assortment of categories. Do check some of these sites out!

UPDATED 1/31/2016



Ksenia Anske

Ashley Carlson

Neil Gaiman

Guy Gavriel Kay

Dawn Kurtagich

Anya Monroe

Briana Morgan

Rae Oestreich

Brett Michael Orr

Patrick Rothfuss

John Scalzi



LibreOffice (Open-source office suite; successor to OpenOffice, which I used for over ten years before switching to LibreOffice. Can do most things that Microsoft Office can do, although not always quite as user-friendly.)

Scrivener (Yes, there’s a steep learning curve with this program and after using it for nearly a year I still have that “newbie fresh off the bus” feeling, but wow, this is a powerful program.)

Calibre (Essential program for indie writers, in my opinion. Coupled with Scrivener, it makes encoding your own e-books a breeze.) (I don’t use this very often at all, but it does come in handy once in a while.)


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