Sentential Links #156

Time for linkage. Click and receive ultimate pleasure! Or just some good stuff to read. Your call.

:: Since I would like to be making music when I’m in my 80s, I was rooting for them every second.

:: It’s official now – I am older than the President. (I haven’t got there yet. Maybe not even the next President, especially if that happens in 2013. But I expect that by the time we get to whoever takes over in 2020 or 2024, I may be older than the President.)

:: This thing took my entire lifetime to happen. This cycle lasted nearly fifty years.

:: Ford looks like a manufacturer that is starting to get it. (Alan is a car enthusiast. I’m a “Does it get me from point A to point B” enthusiast, but Alan’s longtime theory is that maybe Detroit’s car companies are in trouble because they simply don’t make cars that people much want to drive. That’s a pretty sound hypothesis; in my experience, people don’t buy what they don’t want to buy. Crazy, but true.)

:: Paterson’s kung fu is pretty impressive.

:: I ran this before a couple of years ago and it still hasn’t happened. There should be a star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame for John Candy. (He doesn’t have one?!)

:: The phrase is “All present *or* accounted for” not “All present *and* accounted for.” (Really? I confess that the latter sounds better to me.)

:: I am not in a business with a 4-6 year document retention cycle. I am in a business where I hope that what I wrote ten years ago will still be accessible a century hence. Microsoft’s policy was deliberately destroying my life’s work.

All for this week.

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