Site Disclaimer and Comments Policy

UPDATED 1/23/2022.

This blog and site belong to me, and no words will appear in this space that I do not personally approve. With respect to commenting, the following rules apply:

  1. All comments are moderated. I tried easing up on this, but I have chosen to revert to my old policy from Byzantium’s Shores 1-30-2022: I have turned moderation back off, in favor of comments appearing from approved commenters. I will turn moderation back ON if I feel it necessary.
  2. All commenters must be logged in with a WordPress account. (If I’m reading the directions correctly, social media account credentials can also be used to log in.)
  3. I review all comments and if I think your comment is bogus, I will either delete it from the moderation queue or I’ll publish it and then edit it to replace the comment with a disclaimer as to why the comment was squashed. If your comment was particularly obnoxious, I may include your IP address for public consumption.
  4. Comment threads on all posts close seven days after the post goes live. If there’s an old post that really makes you want to say something, well, that’s why God invented e-mail.
  5. Comments need to be relevant to the post in question. Off-topic stuff with either be approved but with a warning appended, or not approved at all.
  6. No personal attacks on other commenters, or on me.
  7. I do not owe anyone a platform, and on this site, the only person with a guaranteed right of Free Speech is me. If this bothers you, well…that sounds like your problem, not my problem.

Thank you for your attention, folks!