Teevee Notes

Some random thoughts on teevee:

:: I just post this on Facebook:

Some of you might be tempted to dismiss the new Rob Schneider sitcom as total crap that appeals to the lowest denominator. Some of you might just assume, without watching it, that it’s a typically awful sitcom with cookie-cutter plots, ethnic stereotypes substituted for wit, and shrill characters who think that you overcome an awful punchline by shouting it. Some of you might assume these things…and you’d all be right!

Seriously, this show is bad.

:: The last couple episodes of Big Bang Theory have really brought the funny. Here’s my current working hypothesis on Sheldon Cooper: what makes him a great character isn’t just his neuroses that allow him to clash with other characters over anything at all. It’s that sometimes he’s right, and the social conventions he genuinely doesn’t understand really are pretty goofy, when you think of it.

:: Oh, Castle…you know I love you. Really. But the “Beckett’s mother” thing really needs to end, and I’m starting to worry that instead of moving things toward conclusion, you’re ratcheting it up…and that’s not good. Now we have Castle having shadowy meetings in parking garages with unnamed contacts whose allegiances we don’t know? And that this guy is manipulating things so that Castle will remain able to assist the NYPD and thus protect Beckett? Geez. I just don’t know about this…especially since it’s obviously being set up so that at some point Castle will have to steer Beckett in the wrong direction, thus driving another wedge between them. Be careful here, Castle. You can do this well…but even the greatest players drop the ball once in a while.

:: The recent dearth of new episodes of House is getting annoying.

:: A few weeks back, GLEE did a song called “Red Solo Cup”, which is a country song by Toby Keith. If you haven’t heard this song, I suppose it’s worth a listen as what it is: a mildly-amusing novelty song. Second time, though, it stinks. What does this have to do with GLEE? Not much, except it’s a terrible show. Moving on:

:: I kind of like The Finder.

:: Shows I’m sitting on until a time when there aren’t new episodes of anything: Once Upon a Time and Alcatraz.

That’s about it for now….

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2 Responses to Teevee Notes

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Heh, I'm glad I didn't listen to my overthinking about that "Rob" sitcom…after seeing an ad, I was all "That CAN'T be as terrible as they made it look." Apparently, I would have been wrong.

  2. Ben Varkentine says:

    Actually, I'm perfectly fine with no new episodes of House…I stopped watching once it became clear they were going to do House/Cuddy completely insane…

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