Convening the Department of Random Complaints, Grievances, and Pithy Observations

Time to get some stuff off my chest!

:: If you are standing somewhere, talking to another person or a small group of persons, please look around. If you are standing within ten feet of an entrance to the place where you are standing, please move out of the way. NOW.

:: If you run into someone you haven’t seen in quite a while in a grocery store or a place like Target, don’t stand where you are to catch up. These kinds of places almost always have some kind of cafe or seating area now; go get a cup of coffee and catch up all you want.

:: If we’re going to have a warm winter with significantly less snowfall than usual, fine. But do we have to have 50+ mph winds every second or third day?

:: I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a retail establishment hours of operation as listed on the website actually match the hours of operation that are listed on the door. Nor do I think it’s too much to ask that a retail establishment actually abide by the hours of operation that are listed on the door, if there is a discrepancy.

:: If you want me to actually read in its entirety your long list of reasons why Obama is the worst President in American history, you probably shouldn’t lead off with “#1: He FAKED the assassination of Osama bin Laden!”. Save the crazy for the end. (A bit difficult, that, as the list was ninety percent crazy.)

:: News websites that lure me in with vague headlines piss me off. I’d rather see the headline “Actor Ian Abercrombie dies” than “Seinfeld Regular Dies”.

:: There are lots of tools designed for prying stuff. A slotted screwdriver is not one of them.

:: Slotted screws suck. Why do they even exist?!

:: I love it when a piece of equipment’s casing is secured together with seven or so Philips head screws…and a single tamper-resistant TOR-X screw. Because it’s fun having to use two drivers to open the cabinet up!

:: The only Presidential candidate talking about moon bases is the whacko moral-midget Newt Gingrich. And he’s talking about them wrong, anyway.

:: I’m rapidly tiring of an apparent retail trend to put teevees displaying video content everywhere. I almost never see anyone watching the video content. All the teevees do is suck up energy.

:: I hate when I take too long to write a blog post, and am thus late in getting the pork roast into the oven. To the kitchen!

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5 Responses to Convening the Department of Random Complaints, Grievances, and Pithy Observations

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    The 1st 6 – all true. The stuff about tools – well, I don't know for tools, but I'll take your word about it.

  2. Call me Paul says:

    Preach it, Brother! The ones about people standing around talking while being completely oblivious to the fact they are blocking the way is a particular favourite pet peeve of mine, too.

    Also, slot-head screws… WTF?

    Why did the Robertson screwdriver never take off in The States anyway? It's really the best way to go.

  3. Kelly Sedinger says:

    We have Robertson screws, although we call them 'square drive'…I actually had to look up the term 'Robertson' to make sure it was what I thought it was. They're available, but they're not all that widespread. I use them at work occasionally; they're the drive of choice for screws with trim heads (or 'finish' heads, depending on what you call them) because the narrower screw head allows best for the square-shaped driver recess.

    The single tool I can't live without is my Klein 11-in-1 driver, which includes two different square-drive tips!

  4. fillyjonk says:

    #1 and #2: Yes. And you would hate the town in which I live because people do this ALL THE TIME.

    And the next to last one: if I ever snap and do violence in public, it will be to the infernal tvs that one of the local grocery chains has on every other endcap, advertising products I don't even WANT.

    What happened to being able to shop in peace, without having ads blaring at you? I'm already in the damn store, isn't that good enough?

  5. Doug says:

    The last time I had to take something apart that had a tamper-resistant Torx head screw, I uttered the command "bring forth the drill!" Problem solved.

    I might have to look for one of those Klein 11-in-1 drivers.

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