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25 years!

The Wife and I were married twenty-five years ago today. We just got back from a celebratory mini-vacation, and now…our next quarter-century begins. It’s a hard world, folks. Best to walk through it with someone you love. Share This Post

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Lookin’ Out My Back Door

As I write this, it’s a little after 9:30 am on Saturday morning, April 16, 2022. Though it has now stopped, this was the scene about an hour ago as I looked over my back yard. Were I to look … Continue reading

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Spring in the 716

Here’s the scene in my back yard, Sunday, March 27: Ayup. It’s funny about this area: we always get snow this late in the year. One recent year we actually got snow on Mother’s Day, which is still six or seven weeks … Continue reading

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A deeply mundane post

(Revised and greatly extended below.) I am currently sitting in the vestibule of a restaurant waiting to be seated. The wait is 45 minutes, and we’ve been here 15. We’ve never been here before, so here’s hoping! The fact that … Continue reading

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Twenty years a blogger….

Last week a local person graciously cited me as a creative person worth following online, which was a compliment I greatly appreciated! But what really took me back was the description: Three local blogs:@Jaquandor has been posting content on the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, My Love (an Annual Repost)

 A few additions to this annual repost!It’s time for my annual repost of Just Some Of The Ways The Wife Has Made Me Happy Over The Years, on the occasion of her birthday! Obviously this past year has been particularly … Continue reading

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Home again, home again….

And…we’re back! But…where were we? It was the weekend for our annual WinterHounds event, which is a meet-up for greyhound owners that takes place twice a year in the Finger Lakes. Lots of wineries participate, offering discounted tastings and/or purchases … Continue reading

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It’s cold outside! This time of the year in The 716, we’re not usually suffering the kind of cold the Upper Midwest tends to get for weeks (or months) at a time, but we do get bursts of some seriously … Continue reading

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And now, four animals.

I got nothin’ else today, so here are two dogs… …and two cats. Have a great night, y’all! Share This Post

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My car, the drama queen

We’re in the midst of quite the cold snap here in The 716, but…let’s get a grip here, shall we? My car’s dashboard thermometer yesterday morning:   No, it was not that cold. We’re in Buffalo, not Minneapolis. Sheesh! Share This Post

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