Adding to the Collection

Lee Detail

I haven’t purchased any new overalls in some time, but one of the most recent pairs I acquired were these, via eBay: a nicely worn, vintage Hickory-striped pair by Lee. I don’t own much by way of Hickory-striped overalls — a couple of pairs of Dickies and one by Key was about it, before I got these. I’ve always been curious about the Hickory-striped cloth and its history. In my experience, Hickory-striped denim (I assume it’s denim, or maybe it’s twill) feels a bit lighter in weight than traditional denim, which makes the overalls a bit cooler in the wearing.

Vintage Lee Hickory Stripe Overalls!!!

Lee used to make great overalls back in the day, which is probably why they tend to be pretty expensive when vintage pairs show up on eBay. I’ve been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time on several of these auctions, but these striped ones are awesome. I love ’em.

Looking down upon me....

This pair does need a little work, though. There are a couple of small holes in the legs, which isn’t that big a deal. But I’m certainly not going to be wearing these in public while there’s a hole near the back pocket, a bit closer to the butt than I’d like. Nobody needs to see that.

Overalls rule!

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