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Four-month Check In

So, here we are, four months since my last check in! And so much and so little has changed. The pandemic continues, and for a while it seemed as if things might be slowly getting better…and then, for a lot … Continue reading

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April is here, and so am I

Greetings, programs! Last time I checked in I was gearing up to do a burst of edits for The Savior Worlds, as part of my effort to get it release-worthy for launch in May. Well. As I’m sure you’re all well … Continue reading

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February: Into the Manuscript I go

  Greetings, Programs! I haven’t posted in a couple weeks–sorry!–but the reasons, as ever, are good (I hope). Having received feedback on the manuscript of The Savior Worlds (The Song of Forgotten Stars, book 4) from several trusted voices, it’s time … Continue reading

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Plannie McPlannerson

  So last week I wrote about the various issues that arise when writing not just one novel but a series of novels, and wouldn’t you know it! I am running up against those issues right now. In just a couple … Continue reading

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Series? Can I write them in parallel, instead?

Greetings, Programs! The other day, the ever-fantastic Briana Mae Morgan asked on Twitter:   I am simultaneously excited and nervous to be writing a series. It’s my first series! How do y’all do this? — briana morgan PREORDER LIVINGSTON GIRLS! … Continue reading

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November Update!

It’s November! Which means, of course, many things. It means that it’s National Novel Writing Month, and thus it’s the time when writing-obsessed weirdos like myself gear up for another attempt at producing 50,000 words in a single month. It’s … Continue reading

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My first Con is in the books!

So last weekend was Nickel City Con, which is Western New York’s biggest annual pop culture-related gathering. This particular con only started a few years ago, and there have been hiccups along the way (this year saw an unfortunate rash … Continue reading

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Reporting the Progress! (And there IS some to report!)

Greetings, Programs! So, what’s new? It’s been a good couple of weeks! Lots of relentless application of the nose to the grindstone, which has resulted in my long-awaited completion of the first draft of Orion’s Huntress. This book is the … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month: Why Writers Should Read Poetry, part I

[I posted Part One of this post last year, but then…well, last year wasn’t the best ever in terms of my posting and blogging regularity. I’m trying to do better this year, so we’re gonna try this again.] The Death … Continue reading

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Remembering William Goldman

William Goldman died last year. He lived a long and brilliant life as one of the finest screenwriters, penning such films as All the President’s Men, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, and what might be his most … Continue reading

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