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Of sweaters and such….

Two Christmases in a row, I petitioned The Wife for a white cable-knit sweater rather like the one Chris Evans wore in Knives Out. I didn’t petition her for this sweater because Chris Evans wore one in Knives Out, but I won’t say … Continue reading

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“Well, I’m back,” he said.

It’s Monday! And as promised, The Wife and I are back from our too-brief (aren’t they all?) weekend getaway. After the general shit-show that was Summer 2022 for us, we really needed a nice getaway. And that’s exactly what we had. … Continue reading

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In other new-shirt news….

The way I see it, if I’m going to take advantage of the fact that we’re allowed to wear team shirt on gamedays, my shirt should reflect my tastes at least a little. So: And, that linen shirt that I … Continue reading

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As my personal fashion style continues to develop, I continue to find appreciate not just for new styles of garments, but new fabrics as well. Denim, obviously…and more recently, flannel. But I’ve also been finding linen to my liking. I thrifted … Continue reading

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An Addendum to the Matter of the Poofy Shirt.

So I referenced the other day my adoption of the Poofy Shirt as part of my ongoing aesthetic. I in fact first mentioned this back in the fall, though, when I noted that I might be approaching too swiftly the … Continue reading

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