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A Brief Meta Note

For several reasons involving things I want to do in the future on this site, I have gone back to using WordPress’s Block Editor, which I always found highly confusing the first time around. This time I’m going to stick … Continue reading

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2023: Well, that was shit, wasn’t it?

This is the LAST POST on this site! For 2023, that is. In terms of content creation, I have motored right along on this site, after migrating from BlogSpot almost a year-and-a-half ago. What follows is a selection of posts … Continue reading

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I didn’t really plan to skip Tone Poem Tuesday or Something For Thursday this week, it just kinda happened. There’s this meme that I see go around social media every year around this time, referring how the time between Christmas and New … Continue reading

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If I accomplished nothing else today…

…at least I voted. Other than that, it was a freakishly busy day. I’ll try to have something musical up tomorrow.

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A Very Public Service Message

I have updated my Where To Find Me On Social Media page. The social media landscape is in as much flux today as it was months ago when I created that page in the first place, and tonight, I’m getting … Continue reading

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A Note about Images

At some point WordPress apparently redid how it sizes images that are inserted into posts using URLs. You can embed a photo simply by posting the URL of the image itself right in the body of the post; WordPress then … Continue reading

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There are some technical issues with the site today. Bear with me!

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Hey, y’all! I’m taking the weekend off from blogging. See you on Monday.

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Functionality…or not….

I, and at least two readers, have noticed some weird things happening with the functionality of this site the last few days. I’m keeping an eye on things and may have to escalate to a service ticket with my web … Continue reading

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Sporadic Posting Alert!

Hey, y’all! We are heading into what is traditionally a quite busy three or four weeks for me, so I may not be able to maintain my daily posting regimen. I’ll try, but no promises. Meanwhile, apropos of nothing at … Continue reading

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