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A test! (And a picture)

Nothing really to say here! I’m just trying out WordPress’s mobile app, for those moments when I am away from the computer but am also just DYING to post something. Also, here’s a photo of my street, taken using the … Continue reading

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“All right, Mr. Sulu. Let’s see what she’s got!”

Well, here we are! As noted the other day, I’ve been thinking about permanently moving my blogging operations to this site, and retiring Byzantium’s Shores after nearly twenty years of service. As you might surmise…I’m generally the type of person who, … Continue reading

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Under the Hood

Greetings, programs! You may notice a bunch of new content here all of a sudden. This is because I am very strongly leaning toward migrating the content of Byzantium’s Shores to this space, and closing down operations over there. I think … Continue reading

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The 20s are upon us!!!

It’s 2020, and that means that the Twenties are now upon us. I wrote some thoughts and collected some links to writings from the last ten years that I particularly like over on Byzantium’s Shores, and I provide the links here. … Continue reading

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[taps microphone] Is this thing on?

Greetings, Programs! Welp, I haven’t been very good about posting here lately, have I? Three months is…bad. But I’m still around, and still hoping to add more content to this space (as well as others…but nothing I can really discuss … Continue reading

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2018: You may fire when ready.

Hey all! 2017 is over, and 2018 is here. A bit of looking back and forward is in order. 2017 At first glance 2017 felt like a mixed bag to me, but when I really look harder, I got quite … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Writer

So I saw this little quiz-thing on another writer’s blog (Julia Grantham‘s, to be precise), and though I haven’t been tagged with it, I’m not going to wait. So here’s a bit about me as a writer, for anyone who … Continue reading

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No updates in a few weeks! But it’s been a really busy month. Here are some notes on recent antics in my world: Remember, THE WISDOMFOLD PATH is out! I haven’t finished the Nook formatting yet, but I hope to have … Continue reading

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[taps microphone] Hello? Anyone? Test test test check….

Hello, everyone! Welcome to what will be my Official Author Website. I will use this site primarily to interact with the writing world and to get information out about my work as it slowly trickles forth (hopefully!) over the next … Continue reading

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