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“The poor man can’t concentrate for more than an hour. YOU gave him four.”

The title quote comes from Amadeus, when Mozart protests to Salieri that his new opera, The Marriage of Figaro, has closed after just nine performances. The opera’s fate, according to the film, was doomed when Emperor Joseph II of Austria yawned during … Continue reading

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Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming movie Maestro today, and let me tell you…I am well-and-truly excited to see this movie. It will be on Netflix in late December, right in time for my Christmastime vacation. I’ve watched this trailer … Continue reading

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Two sentences each on some movies we’ve watched recently

I don’t have much in depth to say about some of these, so I’ll limit myself to two sentences each! ::  Happiness for Beginners: This cheerful and utterly unsurprising rom-com, which unfolds on a hiking trip, is worth watching for some … Continue reading

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No, Robert AND Bruce. Not Robert THE Bruce. That’s different.

I’ve seen a few of these photos surfacing online the last few months, and they make me really happy because there’s a kind of absurdity going on. These are behind-the-scenes snapshots from JAWS, featuring actor Robert Shaw and “Bruce” the Shark, … Continue reading

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Japanese STAR WARS art

Check this out: I that poster for Star Wars on Twitter earlier today, and I wanted some more information: was this an actual poster used to advertise the movie in Japan, or was this one artist’s flight-of-fancy? Many artists create … Continue reading

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Searching for Jose Iturbi

Seventy-eight years ago today, the movie Anchors Aweigh was released. Anchors Aweigh might not be quite remembered as one of the classic musicals, but it’s a damned good one, if a bit overstuffed and overcomplicated in its story. The story: two Navy … Continue reading

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“Welcome to Jurassic Park”: a theatrical experience so bad I remember it as much as the movie

Thirty years ago yesterday, Jurassic Park opened in theaters, after quite a lot of hype. I remember at the time the general reaction initially was “Pretty good, not Spielberg’s best, but a really solid effort, but too bad he didn’t have … Continue reading

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Chang chang changitty-chang shu-bop, that’s the way it should be! (Thoughts on GREASE at 45)

Yesterday we saw Grease at a Fathom Events screening, for its 45th anniversary. Wow. I saw Grease in its original theatrical run, back when I was six or seven (depending on when it was out). I went with my sister, and I … Continue reading

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Something funny for Friday

The Wife and I are going to dinner tonight, so I don’t have much time for insightful blogging tonight. So I’ll share something I randomly saw today in my social media perambulations: The entire Lord of the Rings film trilogy, edited … Continue reading

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Mr. Ebert, ten years gone

Roger Ebert died ten years ago today. I’m more of a mind to honor the anniversary of someone’s entering the world rather than their leaving it, but Ebert was such a force in the back of my mind almost all … Continue reading

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