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They don’t make coliseums like they used to….

If the attitudes in Ancient Rome had anticipated attitudes on 21st century America, I suppose they would have razed the Coliseum after just a few decades because the rich and powerful–Brutus and Cassius, say–could have made more money on a … Continue reading

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You will believe a man can fly.

I promise that even as the local football club, the Buffalo Bills, may possibly be enjoying their best season ever, I will not turn this blog into a place for frequent football-ish commentary. For one thing, I’m not watching the games … Continue reading

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Everybody on the Bandwagon!

So, the NFL season kicks off next Thursday! And playing in the 2022 season’s very first game are the Buffalo Bills, taking on the defending Super Bowl Champion LA Rams! Wow! It’s been an interesting ride with the Bills in … Continue reading

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Ryan Fitzpatrick for the HOF!!!

NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has announced his retirement after a 17-year career. Fitzpatrick was drafted in the 7th round of the 2005 by the Rams, while they were still in St. Louis, after playing college ball at Harvard. He then … Continue reading

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Forty-four percent

I see that he has finally exited the stage, after tormenting the nation for twenty-two years, or fourty-four percent of my life. He’s gone. It’s over, at long, long last. I look forward to eventually learning the real secret of his … Continue reading

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The problem with the playoffs is only one team gets a happy ending.

I haven’t written about football in this space (well, not this space, but you know what I mean) in years. I stopped watching football regularly more than ten years ago, and now I only watch if I happen to be someplace … Continue reading

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How to Anger the Twitter Gods

I’m in Hour Two of a twelve-hour long suspension from Twitter because I broke one of its rules. The suspension happened very quickly, so obviously I didn’t manage to render my thought in poetic enough fashion to not trigger Twitter’s content … Continue reading

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From the Books: Why We Swim

Sometimes people cite the lack of browsing as a reason why it sucks that the independent bookstore has fallen on hard times in these, the Days of Amazon and other online retailers. And that’s true: one of the great joys … Continue reading

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From the Books: SO MANY WAYS TO LOSE

It’s been my experience that any baseball fan will hate at least one of New York City’s two teams, either the Yankees or the Mets. I’ve never really hated either, which makes me an outlier, I suppose. I just like … Continue reading

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Sure, we got a billion bucks lyin’ around someplace

 Looks like the shoe is finally dropping in Buffalo and WNY, regarding the future of the region’s NFL franchise: the team’s owners, Terry and Kim Pegula, are floating the idea of a new stadium to replace the team’s existing venue, … Continue reading

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