And now…THE COVER!!!

Good day to you all, Star Warriors!

Of all the various concerns I had as I moved Stardancer toward publication, the one that was most worrisome to me was the problem of cover art. You see, while I like to think I have a decent eye for good visual art, when it comes to producing it, I’m about as untalented as a blind person playing hockey. In fact, if we started at the same time, I suspect you’d find a decent blind hockey player well before I produced a decent sketch, much less a painting or anything else of the sort. I can do stick figures, but that’s about it, and anyway, Randall Munroe now has the monopoly on cool stuff with stick figures.

So, I needed an artist. How was I going to get one? Well, one thing I’ve learned in my years working at a large store is that often times, for any non-obscure talent you need, there’s likely someone amongst your coworkers who has it. So I asked around, and thus discovered that a young woman named Natalie Golubski, who works in our store’s bakery, is actually a very talented visual artist. She agreed to do the cover illustration, and I think the results speak for themselves in her representation of Tariana Osono, the older of my two Princesses.

The next book will feature Margeth, the younger Princess, and the third…well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, without further ado, here are the front and back covers to Stardancer, complete with the back cover blurb which will spell out more of the plot details. Enjoy!

STARDANCER front cover
STARDANCER back cover
(Click through to view them on Flickr, where you can embiggen them.)

Tune in next week for a very juicy tidbit, when I post Chapter One in its entirety!



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At Last! The ACTUAL TITLE Revealed!

Well, folks, the day has come.

When I started writing Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title), I started talking about my writing progress on Facebook and Twitter and on Byzantium’s Shores. This was mainly a way of claiming my writing life for my own, after years of thinking about writing and occasionally writing and putting writing off for another day. I had a story in mind, a story idea I’d been nursing for almost ten years (if not more), and it was time to get going.

Problem was, I didn’t have a title. Just a story.

This has never dissuaded me before. I know writers who can’t even begin the first sentence of their first draft without a title, but for me, stories suggest titles eventually. It’s the kind of detail that takes care of itself, so I never worry about a title. One will come. It always does…and so was the case with this one. I was probably about halfway through the first draft when I figured out what the title was. Meanwhile, though, I found myself wanting to talk about my writing process and progress on my various social media sites, which meant that I needed a working title. Kind of like how Return of the Jedi was code-named Blue Harvest. I started referring to this book as Princesses In SPACE!!!, noting in parentheses that this was “not the actual title”.

As I went, I eventually came up with THE ACTUAL TITLE, but then it felt like Princesses In SPACE!!! had taken on a life of its own, so I decided to hold that title back until I knew the book was going to be published. So it was that I chronicled the whole process, from completing the first draft to editing it to submitting the book to publishers and querying agents and then finally to starting the path toward going independent.

Now, at last, here we are.

And that’s just this book! The overall title for the entire series went through a lot of permutations before I finally settled on it, and I didn’t get that figured out until just the last round of serious edits. I finally got there, though, and it’s time for the big reveal, here, as I unveil my Official Site.

So, without further ado, here is the video trailer for the book. Stay tuned to the end for THE ACTUAL TITLE!!! (Embiggening the video and watching it in higher resolution may be a good idea.)

Thank you, Princesses In SPACE!!! (the stalwart and trusty working title). You served me well!

Tune in next week for the next big reveal: The COVER ART!!!


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