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The Rainbows of the 716

One of the things that sticks in my memory most strongly from our trip last December to Oahu is the rainbows. Every day, at least one rainbow. It just became this thing I did every morning: Get up, make the coffee, … Continue reading

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“One equal temper of heroic hearts”

Born on this date: Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Tennyson has been my favorite poet–or second favorite, after Shakespeare–well, he might share that ranking with Poe–for as long as I’ve been aware of Tennyson’s work to any great degree. I’m guessing that … Continue reading

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The Hills of Home…

…or home-that-was. This photo was shared on a Facebook group I follow, called “Olean NY: Memories in Time”, which is just that: memories of the Olean, NY region through the years. This is a photo taken by drone from the … Continue reading

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Something for Thursday

Louis Armstrong was born this day, August 4, 121 years ago. Here he is, teaming up with Bing Crosby in the film High Society, to explain jazz.   Share This Post

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Boy Adopts Cat….

Cal, who loves cats, adopted a new one recently. His new cat, a female, suddenly started nesting under the covers in his bed. Cal now knows why…and he now owns five cats. Awwww!     Share This Post

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Tone Poem Tuesday

It’s quite a busy day here at Casa Jaquandor, which means posting something I know well without a great deal of commentary. So, here’s one of my least favorite pieces ever…but hey, maybe you love it, and I’m here to please. … Continue reading

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The Arrival of August

It’s August now. August has always been my favorite of the summer months. My relationship with July has never been the best, though I admit it’s improved in the last few years. Back when I detested any temperature over, say, … Continue reading

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A bit of Fine Mockery, on this lovely morning

I really try to avoid making fun of the religious beliefs of others, generally…but the works of bad art that they produce in the expression of those beliefs? Well, those are fair game. After watching with equal measures amusement, horror, and revulsion … Continue reading

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“Then you may take me to the Faire….”, 2022 edition

Last weekend we attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival for the first time since 1999! Huzzah!!! Obviously the Festival didn’t happen in 2020, and I’m honestly not sure if it tried to happen last year, but in any event we did … Continue reading

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Silences and Outages ahoy!

Hey folks, just a quick check-in here…I’m taking a few days off from work as my sister visits from out-of-town, so posting will likely be scarce here for a bit. Going offline is a good thing! Meanwhile, since it’s summer, … Continue reading

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