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A Grab Bag Post

When one gets home from work to start a vacation, one puts on overalls and pours a Scotch. It’s just what one does. ::  Teevee show you should watch: The World According to Jeff Goldblum, on Disney Plus. It’s a series … Continue reading

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Tone Poem Tuesday

Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is one of the great stalwart works of all classical music. It’s also a work that…I just don’t like very much. At all. I’ve never warmed to it. It honestly does nothing for me. For years … Continue reading

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I’m 51 today! Yay! This means that I have spent one year alive for every point scored by the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game following the 1990 season. (They beat the Raiders 51-3.) I have one year in … Continue reading

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“Can you love someone you don’t remember?” (A book review)

How can love persist in a world without memory? That’s the question posed by author Sarina Dahlan in her debut novel, Reset. A while back I received an advance copy of a this novel, and I’m happy to report that it’s … Continue reading

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A Tale of Four Laptops

When I was in college I started seeing the occasional laptop computer. Big, thick, clunky things they were; heavy brick-like objects with tiny screens and gigantic pricetags. And oh, how I wanted one! I always figured I’d be able to … Continue reading

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Hopefully the last of the Placeholder Posts!

I’m hoping to get back to producing actual, you know, content this weekend! Just like this site used to have! Wow, won’t that be exciting! Meanwhile, here’s Weird Al:   Share This Post

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Something for Thursday

Nope, not back to Leonard Cohen yet either. That should happen next week! Meanwhile, here’s ELO, one of my newest Favorite Bands. (I’ve always liked ELO from afar but I didn’t know their stuff very well. I’ve been catching up … Continue reading

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Holding patterns please….

New laptop, who dis? Yes, I have a new computer. I’m still in the process of playing with it and getting it set up for my ongoing productivity (ahem). More to come. In the meantime, here’s ABBA, because…ABBA. Regular posting … Continue reading

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Tone Poem Tuesday

I think that Franz von Suppe is to this blog as cream of mushroom soup is to Mark Evanier’s. Whenever Evanier is really busy, he posts a picture of a can of cream of mushroom soup. I tend to do … Continue reading

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In other new-shirt news….

The way I see it, if I’m going to take advantage of the fact that we’re allowed to wear team shirt on gamedays, my shirt should reflect my tastes at least a little. So: And, that linen shirt that I … Continue reading

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