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Something for Thursday

OUR SCENE: A large suburban grocery store, where Your Humble Narrator is working to hang decorative string-lights above one of the departments. Along comes a HAPPY COWORKER WHO LIKES TO MAKE HAPPY JOKES. HAPPY COWORKER: [grinning widely] Hey! You light up … Continue reading

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Tone Poem Tuesday (716 Day edition)

Today is 716 Day! That’s when we turn as a nation to the region of The 716 and bow to the country’s greatest place. Or something like that! In truth, with the possible exception of Ithaca and the Finger Lakes, … Continue reading

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And now, a dragonfly

Walking at Knox Farm yesterday, I arrived at the pond on the park grounds and noticed a bunch of dragonflies zipping around one end. These dragonflies were pretty striking-looking, with stripes on their wings. I stuck around a bit, trying … Continue reading

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Sunday Stealing

I actually had a different post in mind for today, but current events have made me not want to write about that particular topic just now. Instead, let’s do the Sunday Stealing, which this week is about summertime stuff. (Roger … Continue reading

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And now, a word from Hubble

An image, actually: Explanation: This new image features NGC 1546, a nearby galaxy in the constellation Dorado. The galaxy’s orientation gives us a good view of dust lanes from slightly above and backlit by the galaxy’s core. This dust absorbs … Continue reading

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Something for Thursday

This was sad news to see when I got home from work today: Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys died the other day, after a battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Oak Ridge Boys weren’t huge in my household, but … Continue reading

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On the wing

I doubt I’ll ever have the patience to really embrace wildlife photography as my genre of choice, but I have to say that I’m very happy with how these two shots turned out. One nice thing about photography I’m discovering is … Continue reading

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Tone Poem Tuesday

“Well, he must be too busy for a real post today, since he’s sharing something by Franz von Suppe!” And that, Dearest Reader, is where you’re wrong! Because even though I am posting something by Franz von Suppe, it is not because … Continue reading

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Just so I have a place I can point to if anyone asks: I don’t know if he should withdraw or stay in. I do know that whatever happens, there is still a choice to be made between one party … Continue reading

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My City

Last Sunday morning, after leaving the Outer Harbor on a photography walk, I grabbed my camera as I was cresting the Skyway heading into downtown Buffalo. (Relax, there wasn’t anybody behind me for about half a mile…it was a really … Continue reading

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