Dispatches from a Lovely Autumn Morning

Here are some photos from Knox Farm State Park several days ago. We’ve been enjoying a warmer and dryer than usual fall so far, but according to the Weather Gurus, we’re about to have a significant shift to the colder weather we’re more accustomed to here in November.

While fall foliage is now well “past peak” in terms of color (and this year was kind of an odd one in terms of colors, as we never really even had that glorious peak of fall color when it looks like all the hills are singing in fiery pigments), but that doesn’t mean beauty isn’t there to be found….

The Dumas Bridge. I rather like this shot! This angle, with the color and the leaves on the ground, really suggests that D’Artagnan and friends might come galloping around that corner, thundering on their steeds on their way to foil the schemes of Cardinal Richelieu….

This time of year, Knox Farm is very busy with families having their Holiday family photos taken by local pro photographers. I actually love watching the photographers themselves at work.



Not sure what caught Cane’s eye, but I do like how I turned out here, I must say.

I suspect that photographic dispatches from my nature walks will soon be back to including snow. This doesn’t bother me, really, but I do miss autumn when it gives way to winter, a little.

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