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Here is a blog that I discovered (well, actually Sean discovered it) that seems kind of interesting, and here are the author’s musings on the Statehood Quarters now that two-fifths of them have been issued. I agree with him that the Connecticut quarter is the best thus far, although I also love the Virginia design (the ships landing at Jamestown), the Tennessee design (musical instruments, in keeping with Nashville’s country scene and the Memphis blues scene), New Hampshire’s quarter (the “Old Man of the Mountain”), and the Vermont design (maple trees being tapped for syrup). I, too, find it odd that many of the states seem to be taking a “safe way out” by putting their state outline on their quarter, but in my own state’s defense, New York actually put a relief map of the state on the quarter, with a line cutting through the state demarking the Hudson River/Erie Canal. We didn’t just go for a simple outline, like our neighbors in Pennsylvania did.

By the way, will the District of Columbia get a quarter?

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