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In a response to this post, Shiela recommends me to a Jack-the-Ripper movie with which I’m unfamiliar. Sounds cool, and I might as well plug a favorite Ripper movie of my own: Time After Time, a wonderful film in which Malcolm MacDowell plays H.G. Wells in 1890s London, who has built a prototype time machine. One of his friends, played by the always dependable David Warner, turns out to be the Ripper, and uses the machine to flee Scotland Yard to 1979 San Francisco. Wells goes after him, and so doing meets and falls in love with Mary Steenburgen. The whole “fish out of water” thing common to time travel stories is in evidence, of course, but it takes on a more pleasing subtext by way of Wells’s status as a Utopian who believed that the Twentieth Century would see the final blossoming of human society. Man….I gotta go rent that one sometime….

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