Instaweek (kinda-sorta)

Here’s a sampling of recent pictures I’ve taken of stuff!

(BTW, The Move That Ate Tokyo should be over this weekend, and our lives should start settling out into something approaching normal…or rather, now that our focus on vacating the Old Haunt will be done, we can really start putting together our lives in the New Haunt. Which means, among other things, that writing and posting should become more consistent, and a good thing that is, too — my story ideas are starting to leap out of my head for lack of use!)

If you recognize these comics panels, then you are my people:

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain:

From the Rochester Lilac Festival:

New toy for my library and writing room:

Around and about:

The kittehs:

And, about to retire the overalls for the summer!

And finally, given the new writing space, it’s time to replace the old “Writing in Action!” photo with a new one:

Zap! and Pow!, indeed!

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