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It is now official: ABC has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to mediocrity and the pursuit of crap by cancelling its finest show, Once and Again. The last episode is next week, which will free up a timeslot for that Supreme Court show with — gasp — Sally Field.

And ABC also decided that it wasn’t getting good enough ratings off the Bond films on Saturday nights, so they bagged that idea as well. This now means that, aside from NYPDBlue and (for half the year) Monday Night Football, there is no reason to tune into ABC. (Well, I hear good things about Alias, which I haven’t watched due to my soon-to-be-completed commitment to The X-Files — which, by the way, had a really fun and quirky episode last night with Burt Reynolds as….well, this one was so odd that I’m not sure who or what his character was.)

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