Jaguars 36, Bills 14

Well, at least we finally got some definitive answers about one of the Bills’ quarterbacks in this game!


:: Well…er…hmmmmm. Yeah, I got nothin’.


:: The offensive line. I know, I harp on this all the time, but it’s still an issue, isn’t it? They do OK in pass protection, but the run blocking is terrible. They still don’t overpower guys off the line of scrimmage, so Bills running backs are either doing too much east-west running or having to push their way through crowds at the line for any positive gain. The line’s gone from jaw-droppingly-bad a couple of years ago to “Meh”, which I guess is an improvement, but Melvin Fowler’s just an awful center. I wonder if in spending so much energy wondering who the next Jim Kelly’s going to be, we’ve lost sight of the fact that this team won’t be a great team until we find the next Kent Hull.

:: Josh Reed whiffing on a pass toward the end of the game. At this point, the outcome was pretty much set, and the pass was way too high, but Reed should have gone up for it. It did, however, look to me that Reed may have had the sun in his eyes when he turned for the ball and whiffed on it because he just couldn’t see where the heck it was.


:: It’s over, folks. JP Losman’s era in Buffalo is done. He had his chance this year, and frankly, he blew it. I find this a bummer because I like the guy, but his inability to hit receivers on the numbers no matter how open they are, coupled with his inability to hit receivers in stride (every catch of a Losman pass seems to come when the receiver has come to a dead stop) and his generally bad decision process means that he’s just not going to get it done. It’s time for Trent Edwards.

:: Defensive line. They play hard, but without a large body in the middle to clog lanes and occupy multiple blockers, the smaller guys on the ends just get lost. Aaron Schobel has just 2.5 sacks so far this year. Ugh.

Like last year, this year has become about letting talented youngsters emerge and finding out about Losman. Maybe next year can actually be about getting good again. I think it can happen, but they have to get better at the line of scrimmage. Please oh please.

(Oh, and a giant raspberry to the Philadelphia Eagles, who toyed with my emotions last night in nearly knocking off the New England Baby Seal Clubbers, but instead allowing the Evil Ones to escape with the win. Ugh!)

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