Laser Brain

Laser Brain, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

Here’s Lester, one of the resident cats here at Casa Jaquandor. The reason he looks all blurry is because he’s chasing a laser pointer. He just loves the laser pointer. I used to have one that I kept on a keychain, and he got to the point where he recognized the sound that particular keychain made when I picked it up, so he’d come running whenever he heard it because he knew he’d get to chase that bright red dot across the floor. Sometimes, of course, I was just picking up the keychain to get at something underneath it (I just kept it right out on my desk), so I’d look down and see Lester staring up at me, all wide-eyed.

The current laser pointer is actually embedded in a LED flashlight which has three settings: flashlight, laser pointer, and flashlight with laser pointer at the same time. Lester doesn’t yet recognize the sound of the flashlight as I pull it from my laptop bag, so I have to wave the laser around until it catches his eye.

Once I get him chasing the laser throughout the apartment, I like to get him in an open spot in the floor and then spin the laser around him, so he chases it in tight circles as though he’s chasing his tail. That’s what’s happening here. Cats plus Lasers equals FUN!

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