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Scully’s baby is in mortal danger, Mulder is in hiding, and The X-Files is wallowing in disarray. It’s a shame to see the show sinking slowly, but I can at least take heart in that Chris Carter has decided to pull the plug rather than keep flogging it any longer. Two years ago (or thereabouts) the show lost that feeling that it was actually building toward something, that there was a “truth” that really was “out there”. I will grant that the mytharc involving Baby William has to a small extent restored that feeling, but so many plot threads have been left behind that I really don’t think any satisfying resolution is now possible. Oh well, just a few more episodes to go and then the whole thing is history. (And next week’s bonus: the new Star Wars Episode II trailer will air on FOX, just before The X-Files. Can’t wait for that.)

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