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:: High Speed Rail is not only really cool – something supporters should certainly capitalize on – it’s also an extension of the greatness of America’s rail history. The railroad was a huge driver in our emerging economy, connecting a vast geographical distance and allowing commerce to flourish. High-speed rail will be a driving force in our future economy, and a necessary component of that economy. Unless, of course, it turns out that we actually do have an infinite supply of oil.

:: I should be painting kitchen cabinets and measuring counter tops to get quotes on replacing them. But I’ve been watching butterflies.

:: I’m going through relationship issues right now. A very good and solid friend is changing and I feel betrayed. The support I have always counted on isn’t there as much. I try to put on a good face and act as though things are the same, but deep down, I know they’re not. This relationship has been one of the longest and best relationships in my life. Yes, it has caused me grief, but those times were usually caused by my own stupid actions or the crazy actions of someone else… until now… now it’s the other that is changing and I’m having a hard time going along with it. It was something I never thought would be asked of me. It was one of those areas where I confidently checked off “insecurity in this area does not pertain to you”. (New blog to me, huzzah! She did the Things I’ve Done list that I did the other day.)

:: What’s worse than vicious pirates? Walking dead vicious pirates. (Another new blog to me, huzzah!)

:: I have a weak ness for insane peo ple who live their insan ity pub licly, and try to dress it up as some thing else. True (and doubt less retold) story: I first heard Rush Lim baugh months before he broke out nation ally; our local talk sta tion was run by the two cheap est peo ple in the world, and they were among the very first to take a chance on this new talker. I lis tened for five min utes and said, “This is a fat guy who can not score with chicks.” For Dr. Laura, I said, “Sounds like some­one is still chasing daddy’s approval, and the fact daddy is dead and buried isn’t going to stop her.”

:: I do enjoy Branson but I have one complaint about it. The main tourist area is not pedestrian friendly at all. In fact, you might say it’s downright pedestrian hateful. (My in-laws were kicking around an all-the-family type of meet-up in Branson a few years back, which we would have attended, had not pancreatic cancer derailed those plans and, eventually, my mother-in-law’s life entirely.)

:: Ha ha! It’s funny because Funky can’t feel joy, due to his crippling emotional problems. (I swear, Funky Winkerbean has gone so far into despair and emotional distress that it’s close to passing all the way through the region of “unintentionally funny” right into “He’s gotta be joking with this stuff”. On the one hand, we have Funky’s bitter reaction to everything after he’s survived a bad car wreck; on the other, we have a server at the pizza place dragging the Iraq vet with some pretty bad PTSD issues to, of all places, a county fair. Which reminds me: the strip has pretty much forgotten about Les’s love triangle, involving two women who are trying to fill the void in his heart left behind by the wife that Cancer took away from him! I tell you, Funky Winkerbean is wild, wacky stuff!)

:: In brief, here’s my history with Star Wars fandom. (I really wish I could read someone’s postings about Star Wars anywhere out there on the Interweb anymore without one of the first posts in the comments thread mentioning that Red Letter Media guy. Seriously, folks: f*** the Red Letter Media guy.)

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