Sentential Links #223

Linkage! Time fer linkage here!

:: Pie is more meaningful than old world family recipes. (I just found this blog last week. It’s a blog by a woman who actually lives in the “American Gothic” house and likes overalls. And the title of the blog is The World Needs More Pie, which I always agree with. Overalls and pie? Awesome!)

:: I guess I’m just trying to say that while GRACE is my passion, my mission, I’m not always filled with it myself. I can be as ungracious as the next person.

:: Some of films most loved time travellers all come together to make me relive every high school dance I ever went to. (Love this. New blog to me, btw.)

:: What kind of world would we be living in if every selfish, self-infatuated little prick decided he was a Howard Roark or a John Galt?

Seemed to me Dostoevsky had already asked and answered that one.

A world in which selfish, self-infatuated little pricks take axes to the heads of little old ladies.

:: When people put me on hold and force me to listen to their music I should be able to force them to listen to my music. That’s only fair, right?

:: Arg. Reason # 34,567 why life in the 21st Century sucks…

:: Thanks to the many faithful readers who took time out of their busy weekends to email me the great news that millions of dollars are going to be spent creating a Family Circus movie. (The comments on that story I linked to are actually pretty great, my favorites being “Hell yeah! This means The Lockhorns can’t be far behind! Team Loretta!” and “Who asked for this? Ida Know. Who wants to see it? Not me.”) (Oh, no. No no no noooooo. Not a Family Circus movie. Please oh please. I beg of you, in the name of all the souls in all the world. Besides, what would that movie look like? Would the image be a circle projected at the center of a standard movie screen?!)

:: Fun comics fact: Uncanny X-Men #164 to Excalibur #24 take place over a single 365-day period, according to Chris Claremont. (Kitty Pryde’s 14th birthday takes place while she’s in space, infected with a Brood embryo, while her 15th birthday takes place right after she returns from the Cross-Time Caper.) This means that everything during that span, including both Secret Wars, Iron Man’s losing his company during his descent into alcoholism and his subsequent return to power as CEO, Spider-Man changing his costume from red-and-blue to black and then back to red-and-blue, Captain America being stripped of his super-heroic identity by the federal government and returned to power, several line-up changes in the Fantastic Four, the entire invasion at the hands of the Dire Wraiths and subsequent war, the destruction of Xavier’s mansion and the seeming death of the entire team of X-Men, the Mutant Massacre, and the temporary conversion of New York into a demonic outpost of the Limbo dimension…all take place in one year. Gives a new definition to “annus horribilis”, doesn’t it? (Aieee!)

:: The only thing I’m 100% sure about? I never want to see scattered hairs in a freezer again.

More next week!

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