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:: I think it could work, but I don’t know enough about fantasy football to be able to construct a workable baseline for weekly points scored, and that’s needed in order to be able to build workable monsters for the party to kill. Anyone know more about fantasy football and want to help me out on this? (Hmmmmm….)

:: It’s all about intentions, and today, I intend to have a really fantastic day.

:: It was just negative energy I didn’t want. I thought the CORRECT response to something on FB that was not of interest to one is to ignore it; I do it ALL THE TIME. (Yup, that’s the correct response. I ignore stuff all the time. I have hidden people who seemed to make it their mission in life to post things that I disagreed with, but I’ve never unfriended over it. Unfriending, banning, or hiding people who feel a compulsive need to share their negativity with me? Begone!)

:: Hands up: who thinks being afraid of the man you’re with is a sign you’re in a healthy relationship? (SamuraiFrog continues his slog through Fifty Shades of Gray. I can’t believe people like this book.)

:: Somehow the poor dear had become stuck on the idea that rubber bands must be in sewing notions and simply could not wrap her brain around the concept of them being in stationary. (You’d be amazed how often shit like this happens in retail: people come in with a notion about your store or restaurant, and dammit, that’s the way it was and that’s the way it should still be. I remember working at Pizza Hut and having people come in on a Sunday and get incensed that we had ended our Sunday Buffet…over a year before. Or people getting pissed at me at Bob Evans because when did we start closing? We used to be open 24-7! (No, we didn’t. Ever.) Or people who come into The Store and bitch because they can never find the milk. Now, we move a lot of stuff, but not the milk. We could move the milk, but it’s in a walk-in cooler the size of a small house and moving it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of construction.)

:: When people talk about how they came to know James Bond, the story I most often hear is that they were introduced to the movies by an older relative. When I was a kid in the pre-cable, pre-home video ‘70s, that meant catching the old movies as they aired on network TV. (For me, it was seeing Moonraker in 1979, in its theatrical release. But I didn’t know anything about this spy dude; all I knew, based on the teevee commercials, was that Moonraker was a space movie with lasers and stuff. It was post-Star Wars, folks, and I wanted me some space. Of course, once I saw Moonraker, that was that. I was hooked. I didn’t read any of the books until much later, in high school; I never finished the series after Dr. No. I should probably go back and read them one of these days.)

:: Though a teenager in the 1980s, can you believe I’d never seen any of the Bill & Ted movies? This, despite the overt Doctor Who reference? (The Bill&Ted movies are surprisingly clever, really. It’s not easy, getting dumb stoners to be sympathetic.)

More next week!

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