Two Definitions of “D’oh!”

I guess “definitions” isn’t the right word; maybe “examples”. Anyway, two instances of “D’oh!”:

:: So I started getting a bit tired of the current mix CD I’ve been listening to while working out at the Y, so I made myself a new one. And it rocks. Seriously, this one turned out great, and I couldn’t wait to get to my workout today to start listening to it. And there I was, on the exercise bike, before my weight-lifting, happily doing my cardio and listening to the tunes…when I realized that Tracks Four and Ten are both “Twistin’ the Night Away” by Sam Cooke. Great song, but I sure didn’t want it on there twice. D’oh!

:: So I sat down last night to do some writing, but I decided a minor post-dinner snack was called for, so out came the box of Thin Mints, because I love me some Thin Mints. I exercised a nice bit of self-control in only taking four out of the box, which I then set on my desk, next to the laptop, for slow consumption while I wrote. Then I left them there for a few minutes while I consulted a book…and when I returned my attention to the Thin Mints, I discovered that they were melting. Because I’d put them about an inch and a half away from the laptop’s heat discharge vents. D’oh!!

That was all.

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