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Which brings us to the Bills uniform revision. When Tuesday Morning Quarterback saw the design he had a simple, primal reaction: to run from the room screaming, “aaaiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!”

The new Buffalo garb looks so much like current New England attire that when the Bills play the Pats, Drew Bledsoe isn’t going to know which huddle to join. And the Bills have tossed out red as their accent color, replacing it with gray. Gray — now there’s a color that really pops. And the away jerseys are so fussy, they make Denver’s rollerball duds seem a clean design. But these are not the reasons for TMQ’s primal scream. The reason is that Buffalo had been using traditional American flag red-white-and-blue, and now abandons that combination. In other words, the Buffalo Bills thought they could improve on red, white and blue.

— Gregg Easterbrook, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, on the Bills’ new uniforms.

:: I have to say, I agree with TMQ on this one. I was fairly ambivalent about the Bills’ new duds when they were unveiled (well, actually I was ambivalent about the home uniform while I immediately disliked the new road uniform), but now that I’ve seen more of it….I don’t like the look. The Bills don’t look distinctive anymore; instead, they look like every other team that has hopped on the New Uniform Bandwagon in recent years. (The Bills’ new look is inspired by the Broncos and the Titans, apparently.)

Easterbrook’s AFC preview is up, with the NFC to come next week. If you haven’t read Easterbrook before, please do so. He is funny, engaging and literate. He also knows a hell of a lot about football.

(BTW, it seems that my middle-of-the-road view regarding the Doug Flutie vs. Rob Johnson fiasco was the correct one. While Bills fans were either jumping on the Johnson bandwagon or burning their Bills gear after the team had the audacity to send Flutie on his way, I was saying: “They both stink”. Guess what? Neither Johnson nor Flutie is starting this year.)

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