Yes, yes. To Mr. Jones you listen!

Mr. Jones on The Phantom Menace, after he saw the 3D version:

My wife kept suggesting a trip to see the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace during its 3D run over the past few weeks. At first, I thought she was just suggesting it because she knows my love of Star Wars, but it has begun to dawn on me that she is a genuine fan. (This may seem unusual to not know about your spouse, but my opinions and dedication to the universe are pronounced. When combined with our tendency to do things for the other out of desire to make that person happy, it is sometimes difficult to know what is a genuine preference or just a willing deferral for the sake of the spouse’s happiness. It’s wonderfully complicated.) So, we finally made it to a showing Sunday afternoon on a blissfully relaxing three-day weekend.

What I found was a film that surprised me. I found it to be well-paced, moving, interesting, visually stunning, and above all, fun. I don’t mean this in an analytical Lucas-apologist sense — I think I actually surprised myself with how much I appreciated and enjoyed the film when it was just me and my wife and no one around to have to defend it against.

I’d love to see the movie on the big screen again, but I’ve never liked the way 3D makes my entire frontal lobe physically feel like it’s about to explode out my eye sockets. But still: TPM is great! Really! Truly!

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