Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

Sometimes sitcoms bring out the best in Christmas stuff! Here are some clips.

First, The Brady Bunch. This is actually an entire episode edited down to the bare essentials for the main story.

And then we have something more recent: from the second season of The Big Bang Theory. By way of background here, Penny has informed Sheldon that she’s going to buy him a Christmas present, which makes Sheldon deeply nervous as he then has to reciprocate the gift. He goes to Bath and Body Works and buys a bunch of gift baskets, planning to give Penny a basket commensurate with however nice her gift is to him. It all makes sense, in his mind….

Lastly, we have my favorite sitcom Christmas moment ever, when Ross on Friends was frustrated because he wanted to explain Hannukah to his son, Ben. He decided that maybe little Ben would listen more if he was dressed as Santa, but he couldn’t find a Santa costume, which resulted in this:

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