A brief teevee observation

Tonight is apparently the 150th episode of Bones, so they’re doing something ‘inventive’: they’re doing the episode from the viewpoint of the skull of the dead victim. It’s more than a little creepy…as in, I may lay awake tonight for fear that, well, what if that’s what death is like? We get to watch helplessly as people handle our skulls?

And consider: what if the Royal Shakespeare Company always uses the same skull for productions of Hamlet? Someone may actually be playing Yorick!

UPDATE: I think what’s really hurting this episode is the obvious problem that in order to work, the skull must always be facing whatever is most important in the scene…and we also have to see a lot of scenes of the Jeffersonian team actually talking to the skull. This episode just isn’t working.

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2 Responses to A brief teevee observation

  1. Kal says:

    I saw the preview for this episode and just groaned. Damn David B, you were Angel man, ANGEL!!

  2. Ben Varkentine says:

    "Bones" hasn't worked for me since they ended a few seasons ago with an hour-long "fuck you" to fans…

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