A random country song for a Wednesday evening

I had a long day at work today (not a bad day at all, but we had a big project today for which I had to be at work a bit early) and my brain is doing its impression of tapioca, so here’s a song that’s been showing up in my YouTube recommendations of late. I’ve featured it before, but not in a little over seven years, so here it is again! This was a huge country hit forty years or so ago. I’m not sure, but this performance must have been before the song became as big as it did, because eventually the bass singer’s “Papa-ooo-mow-mow” bit became so popular that whenever it got to that part in any live performance, it would be greeted with massive cheers.

Anyway, here are the Oak Ridge Boys with “Elvira”. (Note the guitar player, behind the lead singer, really getting into it about thirty seconds in! Cracks me up every time I see this.)


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