A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

What’s a movie you thought that you would hate but ended up…not hating at all?

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6 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. New York Erratic says:

    Remains of the Day. Thought it would be a stupid, sappy chick flick and most sappy chick flicks have poor writing and direction.

    Definitely sentimental, but the writing and direction is amazing, imho.

  2. Call me Paul says:

    The Postman, starring Kevin Costner. I think that movie is an example of the worst movie trailer ever presented.

  3. SK Waller says:

    Just about any Meg Ryan romantic comedy, especially "French Kiss". I'm not into RCs at all.

  4. Roger Owen Green says:

    Princess Bride. I didn't know ANYTHING about it when it first came out, but the title sounded dopey.

  5. Kal says:

    My buddies and I agreed that one person a week got to choose the Toonie Tuesday movie in University. I took everyone to Robocop thinking we would have a terrible time. Hell, they showed FIVE trailer for FOREIGN films before it began. I totally got the business from the boys and was almost convinced that I had made a terrible mistake. THEN the movie started and I was soon revielded to be a GOD. Anytime I choose a bad movie since then I can just say ROBOCOP and they all shut up.

  6. Michael May says:

    Mirror Mirror. Not even sure why I went, but ended up loving it.

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