A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Go back in time to when you were a kid. Your parents tell you they’re taking you out for dinner, and you get to pick the place. Where are you eating?

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8 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Joe Genco says:

    Santora's on Hertel for lasagna.

  2. Earl says:

    A restaurant in akron that is inside a series of old train cars. We get to the restaurant but my dads OCD requires him to drive us around the parking lot looking for the perfect spot. Inside he downs three bottles of wine. An admitted alcoholic he maintains wine is healthy, I meanwhile suspect it is a way to self medicate the OCD.

    My mom is yelling at everyone. Self absorbed her main concern is or appearance. My hair is never comed right.

  3. Roger Owen Green says:

    W.T. Grant's – yes, the now defunct sdtore in the Woolworth's mode – on Friday night for fish dinner.

  4. M. D. Jackson says:

    For me it was always The Hobbit House in North Vancouver. The food was unremarkable and pricey, but it was steeped in Tolkien so I didn't care.

  5. SK Waller says:

    Me & Ed's Pizza in Lompoc!

  6. fillyjonk says:

    I was a weird kid.

    My choice probably would have been a place called (IIRC) The Treadway Inn, which was kind of decorated in a pseudo-Colonial decor. I thought it was cool because it seemed old and it was dimly lit. They also had food I liked even though it was "fancier" than the places we typically went.

  7. Michael May says:

    Steak and Ale was always THE place to celebrate when I was growing up. Prime rib and a great salad bar all in a place that looked and felt like an English tavern.

  8. SamuraiFrog says:

    Red Lobster. Man, my parents loved Red Lobster. I wouldn't eat seafood for a long time (not adventurous as a kid), but I loved their hush puppies!

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