A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Someone is visiting you for a few days, and they have never been anywhere near your part of the state/country/planet. What’s one thing that you make ABSOLUTELY SURE they see or do before they head back home?

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4 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. mylittlegeekery says:

    I suppose Niagara Falls would be the obvious answer. Being one of those natural wonders of the world and all, but I'm not really sure I would do that. At least not the way most folks would think to do it. Everyone says that Canada has the best view of the falls. To this I say "Nay!"

    And then say "I hope you don't have issues with elevators, because it's a long way down. In a confined space with a lot of other people. With dripping water overhead. And countless millions of tons of rock, that is not entirely stable. Oh, did I say that? So sorry. It's safe! Really."

    "Well, mostly. I do hope that you aren't wearing anything that might become translucent when wet, or you might get rather embarrassed. Get a poncho if you feel uncomfortable. I don't. I like feeling the Falls. Oh, didn't I tell you? We're going to get up close and personal with billions of gallons of water. Welcome to the Cave of the Winds!"

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Visiting the State Capitol; interesting piece of history.

  3. Michael May says:

    I give the people what they want: The Mall of America.

  4. Bonnie McDaniel says:

    The Grand Canyon.

    It's funny, when you're born and raised in Arizona you tend to think of it as "that big over-touristed hole in the ground." It's only looking at it through a visitor's eyes that you realize how jaw-droppingly amazing it is.

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