A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Startin’ to get a little warm, innit? So recommend to me some cold summer dishes! Salads, fruit dishes, adult drinks, non-adult drinks, whatever!

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6 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Josh says:

    Shrimp pasta salad served with crackers and spreadable cheese.

  2. mylittlegeekery says:

    Take birch beer, root beer or cream soda and add a nice quality whiskey or scotch to it with some ice.

    Don't skimp on quality. Shit liquor makes for shit mixed drinks, no matter what anyone says.

    Trust me on this.

  3. SK Waller says:

    We go for full-tilt fruit salads. Melons, cherries, Mandarin orange slices, grapes, bananas, everything. Put in a large bowl, add a little heavy cream and grab spoons!

  4. Annehueser says:

    Mustard vinaigrette potato salad. Keeps in any temperature and tastes light and delicious.

  5. Roger Owen Green says:

    Don't know.

    But I'm I big fan of crushed ice, not so small that it'd be Slushy consistency, but small enough to fit in your mouth to suck on between sips.

    It can be almost anything, but mixed drinks, even cranberry juice with orange juice, with a splash of ginger ale, are better. They shpould be refrigerator cold.

  6. Unknown says:


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