A trip to the Gardens

Today we went to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens because in addition to their standard beautiful displays, they were also having an orchid show, courtesy the local orchid hobbyists’ association. Here are some of the many pictures I took! More available in this Flickr album.

Exterior of the Botanical Gardens.

Of course the topiary bison’s name is Josh Allen. I have a feeling that if the Bills win the Super Bowl in February, next October and November will see hundreds of babies in local hospitals named Josh, Joshua, Joshina, Joshette, Joshifer….

I walked through this and was not whisked back in time, a la STAR TREK, to 1930s NYC. I call BS.

A horticultural selfie! Note that it is finally Scarf Season in the 716.

A reverse mirror selfie! I liked that mirror.


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