argleblargle herpderp

The moving process will now be shifting in a higher gear, which means (a) my already-infrequent posting for the last few weeks will become almost a complete stop, (b) I won’t even be writing this week as the last few sessions I have found nearly impossible to focus, and (c) my head is near to exploding. Hey, what’re you gonna do, heads explode every day!

Anyway, I’ll try to drop in a time or two between now and The Move, if only to post a couple of throwaway thoughts, like these pictures of kitties.

(No, that was not Lester.)

That was Lester. And here’s Julio.

Be excellent, Internets! I’ll check in when I can. And if you read a weird news item about some dude’s head exploding, it’s probably me.

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    pretty nice blog, following 🙂

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