Beers! Blogs!

UPDATED below and UPDATED again:

Yup, it’s coming up, folks: the official Holiday season social gathering of navel-gazing keyboard pounders known as a Christmas Bloggercon! The date is December 8, the place (since no one’s strenuously argued for another) is Buffalo Sports Garden, and the time? I’m guessing around 7:00, unless anyone thinks it should be later, around the 8:00 range. Bloggers, commenters, lurkers, and families thereof are welcome to attend. Given that this is a basic sports bar joint, I’m guessing that it’s simply a “show up and see what’s going on” type of thing. The Sabres do play that night, at San Jose, so it’s a late game; we won’t be battling a crowd on that basis.

For those who have never come to any kind of blogging get-together, well, I’ve only been to two of ’em myself, but my experience is that we don’t actually blog while we’re there. Because that would be, you know, lame. And we’re not lame in Buffalo, are we?

UPDATE: Well, it seems that Jennifer can’t make the 8th, so if everyone involved wants to move the meetup to the 9th, I’m fine with that. (I’m also perfectly fine with a change in venue; it’s not like I had my heart set on that sports bar or anything, having just tossed that out there and not heard any suggestions otherwise!)

UPDATE II: OK, all this damned waffling on my part isn’t helping the cause at all, is it? So I’ll be at the afore-mentioned location at the time also afore-mentioned, on the 8th, as originally planned. Sorry for all the cock-ups on this thing, and if anyone wants to show up just to tell me how bad I am at event planning, well, I’ll plead guilty as charged! And I hope to catch everyone else at another blogger event in the future.

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5 Responses to Beers! Blogs!

  1. All Things Jennifer says:


    Any chance for an early Sunday Dinner option on the 9th?

  2. Pauldub says:

    We’re in..
    Early Sunday dinner option indeed! I have a Bills game on Sunday.

  3. LC Scotty says:

    Ava will only be home for a few weeks, so I really cannot commit, but we will try to both come, or maybe just me. Or maybe not. We really want to come though…

  4. Pauldub says:

    I can’t make the 9th. Have a beer for me. I will have one for you whilst tailgating….

  5. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Or we can keep it the 8th! I was just tossing out a suggestion.

    (This is why I had relatively little to do with planning my own wedding.)

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