As I continue to struggle to plow the rocky soil in which the plot to The Song of Forgotten Stars V is supposed to grow–and more on that later on, at some point–I still take inspiration in space photos, like these from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This is all just amazing stuff, via Hubble. Remember how everyone laughed when Hubble was launched and deployed in orbit, only for a slight flaw in its main lens to be discovered? Well, we fixed it and thirty-one years later, Hubble still entrances. (And for me, Hubble also remains an outstanding rejoinder to people who claim that governments can’t do anything right.)

You can click through each of these to each photo’s NASA Goddard Flickr page, if you want to embiggen them for better viewing!

Hubble Uncovers a Burst of Star Formation
Hubble Captures a Sparkling Cluster
Hubble Peers Into a Dusty Stellar Nursery
Hubble Spots a Cosmic Cloud’s Silver Lining
Hubble Revisits the Veil Nebula
Hubble Beholds a Big, Beautiful Blue Galaxy
We live in an amazing universe, don’t we?

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