Beverage notes….

I don’t entirely understand what Coca-Cola is doing with these new “weird” Coke flavors, but I will admit that I genuinely like this one.

That’s the current version. I don’t know if it tasted like a “dreamworld” or not, and like the others it’s hard to actually describe the flavor. This one tastes, to me, like someone dissolved a pack of Smarties candy in the Coke. I know that is probably not a terribly enticing way to describe this stuff, but…yes, I like it. Quite a bit, actually. The last couple flavors I enjoyed through single bottles purchased here and there, but the Dreamworld stuff? I bought a ten-pack of the little cans. And I might get another!

Oh, and I’ve decided that the little cans, the 7.5oz ones, are my preference for this sort of thing. I don’t really need 20oz of cola, or even 12 anymore. Seven-point-five is the perfect amount for me to scratch this itch, when I feel like a cola. (I’m also firmly a fan of the “zero sugar” sodas that are coming along now. Many of them are almost indistinguishable from the full-sugar sodas, and that can only be a good thing. I’ve cut down my soda consumption anyway; the major portion of my carbonization intake now comes from sparkling water.)


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  1. Roger says:

    I should have paid more attention. I had one of those specialty Cokes, but idk if it was this one or another. It was the most vile thing had ever tasted that was supposed to be potable.

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