Bills 13, Jets 3

We’re on a roll! Playoffs or bust! (Yeah, I know which of those is more likely, but still….)


:: The Bills’ defense had a pretty good game, although they were helped out by the Jets’ coaching staff and its decision to not run the ball as much as they should have. Going on the road and holding the opposition to three points is superb, though.

:: JP Losman. I’m still a fan of his, and I’m glad to see him come in and succeed. No, he didn’t set the world on fire, but he completed one long bomb and very nearly completed another (he put the ball right where Roscoe Parrish needed it to be, and Parrish simply dropped it). Now, if the Bills are convinced that Trent Edwards is the future and needs to play, then I’m fine with that. I just hope they’re able to trade Losman in the offseason and get something good in return — a draft pick or two. If Losman gets more time this year that looks like yesterday, the chances of that happening go up.

I’m not convinced that Losman is a bust in the NFL. Is he the next Jim Kelly or Brett Favre? Probably not. But I wouldn’t at all rule out the thought of him having a career like, oh, Brad Johnson, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, or Rich Gannon. All of those guys were around a long time, none of them is a Hall-of-Famer, but all went to Super Bowls and three of them won it.

:: Lee Evans. Wow, did he want to make a play or what?


:: Marshawn Lynch. Not Lynch himself, actually; just the fact that he’s trying so hard to have a big game and he keeps running into eight-man fronts every time he touches the ball. He’s a draft-horse type of player, but for one reason or another he hasn’t got the results yet. He will, though.

:: Offensive line. This is the main reason why Lynch hasn’t excelled yet. They should be “gelling” by now, and yet…they don’t look like they’re gelling. They still aren’t asserting command over the line of scrimmage. And how many consecutive corner blitzes did the Jets run yesterday, with none of them being picked up at all, even when the TV guys are saying, “Here comes another corner blitz!” before the ball was even snapped?


:: Throwing a long bomb in an obvious running situation again. Yes, it worked out well this time, but it didn’t have to, and I’d really like to see the Bills not have to contain a last-gasp comeback attempt in the final moment in a game. I’d like to see them get the ball with 3:30 or so left and never give up the ball again. That’s when I’ll start believing that the O-line is coming together.

:: The Washington Redskins. Were you guys even on the field? And you know what: if you’re pissed about the Stupid Patriots running up the score on you, then why not take a few shots at Brady? Why not take some jabs at Moss? It’s not like the penalty yards are going to hurt you anymore than you’re already hurt, since you’re already bleeding points all over the field anyway. Do what they do in baseball: take some shots at ’em. You’re getting paid millions of dollars to play football anyway, so either dish out some punishment in return, or shut up about being rung up for 52 points. As far as I’m concerned, the right to complain about running up the score ends when you’re making what an NFL player makes.

:: That game in London. How lame was that???

Next week: the Bengals come to town. And go Colts! Only you can stop evil from becoming truly ascendant.

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3 Responses to Bills 13, Jets 3

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Go, Colts is right.

    And the London field was AWFUL.

  2. Jess Nevins says:

    Yes, by all means, go Colts–let’s root for the team whose coach is out there giving speeches against gay marriage and shilling for a poisonously homophobic organization. (Just do a search for “Tony Dungy” “gay marriage”).

    All Bill Belichick did was cheat at a game. (And run up the score). Tony Dungy is actively making life harder for millions of gay men and women. (Not to mention claiming that the homophobic organization is doing God’s work, which by extension means that those who oppose that organization are doing the Devil’s work).

    I can understand hating the Patriots and rooting against them–but when you bandy around words like “evil,” let’s remember who the really bad people are.

  3. Jess Nevins says:

    Also–do some searching into Belichick’s work with Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can Program, or his work with the Lazarus House Ministries.

    Everyone’s entitled to hate a team and individuals on that team. But, finally, *enough* with the “evil.” Belichick may be boorish, asocial ,a philanderer, and a bad sport (although he’s always been more gracious in defeat than Peyton Manning has been–Belichick never blames anyone else for his losses, which Manning can’t say), but the man does good work outside of the realm of football, while Dungy is an activist for homophobia outside of football (and undoubtedly inside–if one of the Colts were gay, there’s no way they could come out in that locker room environment). “Evil” is for God (if there is any such creature) to decide. But I know which one is the better person.

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