This past weekend was Buffalo Comicon! And yes, we attended. Lots of fun was had by all, and some geeky stuff was acquired, as you might expect. My haul included the following items:

Comicon Find I: Catbus! #buffalocomicon #totoro #catbus

Comicon Find II: Tororo! #buffalocomicon #totoro

Comicon Find IV: The Enterprise. Ship Number Two of my Holy Spaceship Trinity (the other two being Serenity and the Millennium Falcon.) #buffalocomicon #StarTrek #SpaceshipsAreAwesome

Comicon Find VI: Nifty pocketwatch! #buffalocomicon #pocketwatch

Comicon Find V: A Groot t-shirt! Yay Groot! #buffalocomicon #guardiansofthegalaxy #groot #iamgroot

Not bad, eh?

I’d like to have my own vendor table at a future con, once I have enough books available to make it work. I’m probably a year or two away, but I’ll get there! As for other Cons in Buffalo…well, I’m wondering if the local con market isn’t getting oversaturated. A new Comicon just launched to compete with Buffalo Comicon, and there are several other cons as well (Eeriecon, UB Con, et cetera). Of course, I’d love to see Buffalo gear up and host a Worldcon. They held Worldcon in Spokane two years ago, so Buffalo has got to be able to do it!

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