Conventional Reactions

My reactions to the Republican National Convention have been pretty evenly divided between these two videos:

That’s about all. This is just about the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t even fathom how one whole segment of American politics has become like this.

And just think — if trends continue, and they don’t somehow win with this shitshow this year, in 2020 they’ll come back even crazier.

UPDATE: I wrote this post before I read the leaked text of Trump’s acceptance speech, and jee-sus, that is some messed up shit. That speech may be the single most twisted thing I’ve ever read, full of half-truths, twisted facts, and outright lies all used in service of maintaining the notion that white Americans should be cowering beneath their beds in the face of the dystopic hellscape this country has become.

I thought Atlas Shrugged was the most twisted thing I’d ever read, but whoever wrote this speech has topped it. My prayer now is that this election represents the death-throes of a particularly ugly strain of thinking on the American right, and after this they’ll start swinging back toward rationality and reality again. A country cannot prosper when so many of its people think like this.

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