An experiment….

I received, a short while ago, a hit on the blog from someone who Googled two phrases together: “chicken wings” and “make you gay”. I suppose we’re to wonder if the consumption of chicken wings encourage men to, shall we say, turn a more receptive eye on their fellow members of the male species.

Well, we can do an experiment here. It turns out that I ate a few chicken wings for lunch today, so I should still be under their spell. Let’s see what happens. Here’s Brad Pitt:

And here’s Kate Winslett:

Yeah…I’m gonna go with Kate. So, in my case, eating chicken wings did not, as it were, make me gay.

(I wrote this post last night, but Blogger was being irritating with uploading images, so it had to wait.)

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2 Responses to An experiment….

  1. Call me Paul says:

    I haven’t had any chicken wings for several days – almost a week – and I had to go back and forth between those pictures several times before eventually settling on Brad.

    Sorry, Kate, but you just don’t do it for this non-gay guy. Can we get a picture of Julianne Moore, or Paige Davis, or something?

  2. Mimi says:

    As a vegetarian somehow I’d have never thought to even contemplate those two phrases together.

    Or, even if I were a meat eater, I suspect I’d not.

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