Forty-four percent

I see that he has finally exited the stage, after tormenting the nation for twenty-two years, or fourty-four percent of my life. He’s gone. It’s over, at long, long last.

I look forward to eventually learning the real secret of his strange longevity, but that’s about all I plan to think about with regard to this guy.

Oh, and the Greatest Of All Time is still Mr. Montana.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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One Response to Forty-four percent

  1. Roger says:

    from the Boston Globe: “In his statements announcing his retirement on social media, which included nine pages/posts on Instagram and Twitter, Tom Brady never once thanked the Patriots.

    “Not a single mention of Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, the Patriots, or their fans. It was like the first 20 years of his career never existed.

    “It turned what should have been a day of celebration into a day of confusion and resentment in New England.”

    I’m enjoying this too much.

    “Was the omission intentional? An innocent mistake? Brady’s agents didn’t respond to a request for clarification. And a Patriots spokesman said the team had already released a statement Tuesday by Kraft, who ended it by saying, ‘I will always feel a close bond to [Brady] and will always consider him an extension of my immediate family.’

    “It sure didn’t seem like a mistake. Brady had plenty of time to correct it. And, all he came up with, three hours after the initial announcement, was a reposting of the Patriots’ statement on Instagram, adding a few short phrases: one, thanking ‘Patriots Nation’ with a couple of heart emojis, and then, ‘Beyond Grateful. Love You All.’”

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